What Real Property Management Services Will And Won't Do

15 August 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you are new to the idea of real property management services and you are considering such services to keep an eye on one or more of your homes, you should educate yourself on the services provided. Some services are quite common, but by extension, related services are not provided. Here is what most property management companies will and will not do. 

They WILL Mow Your Lawn

One commonly provided service is lawn care. A property management company will mow your lawn and keep the grass and weeds to a minimum so that you are not fined by the city for tall and uncut grass or for noxious weeds. If the weeds are part of the yard in the path of the mower, the company's employees will mow them down. However, the weeds cropping up around the buildings where the mower cannot reach may not be addressed. 

They WILL NOT Weed Your Yard with Chemicals or by Hand

In general, those property management employees that will mow the lawn and cut down weeds in the yard with the mower are not likely to weed by hand, nor are they going to apply chemical weed killers to your lawn. There is too much liability involved regarding the chemicals, and property management rarely makes allowances for more manual labor, like weeding by hand. However, they are willing to use a string line trimmer to remove weeds, if you would like to add that to your list of services requested. 

They WILL Shovel Snow and Salt for Ice

When you need snow and ice removed from the walks and the drive, the property management group will remove the snow the day after it has stopped snowing. Then they will spread salt or ice melt to remove the ice so that no one can slip and fall on your walks or drive and injure themselves. This also prevents the city from fining you for not adequately removing snow and ice from your property. 

They WILL NOT Remove Snow and Ice from Your Roof, Nor Use Roof Heating Coils

Your roof is off-limits to these agents. They may, if the snow is particularly heavy, use a roof shovel to pull down some of the snow, but they will not climb up there to remove snow and ice with shovels. They will also not install roof heating coils for you because of the potential dangers of falling off a roof or overheating your roof when no one is home to monitor what is happening with the coils. 

For more information, contact a real property management company.